Which cryptocurrencies do you expect to be outperforming Bitcoin in 2021?

in this article, we will be talking about cryptocurrencies to outperform Bitcoin in 2021.

As we know that currently more than 400 cryptocurrencies have been invented so it is a difficult task if one wants to invest in cryptocurrencies these days. As we know that 2020 is coming to an end and 2021 is about to begin soon, so you may be interested to know which cryptocurrencies are expected to outperform bitcoin in the upcoming year.

There are chances that the upcoming year may be the best year for investing in cryptocurrencies.

Choosing that in which crypto you should invest is a really hard one due to a large number of currencies being available currently.

We will be helping you out in this by providing you the list of some cryptocurrencies which are likely to explode and there are chances that they may outperform the most popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin. These currencies will be making a bigger impact.

This is impossible to exactly point out that which cryptocurrency will be the best to invest in. investments depend on the investment goals you are looking for.

Another important factor is the level of expertise you have. Some cryptocurrencies are well suited for beginners whereas many other cryptocurrencies are available for advanced traders.


The first and most popular cryptocurrency we can expect to outperform bitcoin in 2021 is Ethereum. It is one of the best cryptocurrencies for investment. Smart contracts were also introduced by Ethereum first. It allowed the developers to launch mobile and desktop decentralized applications on blockchain technology’s back.

It comes at the second number when we talk about liquid cryptocurrencies. Whereas first is Bitcoin itself. It means that it is not a difficult task to buy or sell Ethereum.

Another major reason to believe that it can outperform bitcoin is that Ethereum has a loyal community and team. So investments in Ethereum will remain strong in upcoming years. So Ethereum has a bright chance to stay stable and it will also help to increase the value of Ethereum in the long run.

The Ethereum tokens called Ether can exist in a greater number as compared to bitcoin or Litecoin. Ethereum token fuels the app development ecosystem. It will help companies and developers to support launch applications and smart contracts.

So, we can say that Ethereum can most likely replace bitcoin in 2021.


Litecoin has high liquidity and a larger market cap. These are some of the biggest factors if someone wants to invest in Litecoin. If you do not want to take any risk and also want to stay away from those coins who have a smaller market cap then Litecoin is the best choice you have.

Now, what makes us think that it may outperform bitcoin in 2021?

The total number of coins available for supplying is 84 million. This number is larger compared to 21 million coins of Bitcoin. The block reward offered by Litecoin is 25 LTC. This block reward is higher as compared to the other cryptocurrencies.

The average time required for mining a single block on the LTC blockchain is nearly two minutes. This time is also faster as compared to the mining time of other cryptocurrencies.

In light of these factors, we can predict that Litecoin may outperform bitcoin in 2021.

Basic Attention Token:

Basic Attention Token or BAT has been one of the best and hottest cryptocurrencies in 2020 and the previous two years as well. It is a utility token. It is used for tipping content creators or virtually someone if you find them helpful. It is your choice how you want to tip them depending upon any content or information you find helpful.

It is said to have a large potential due to the large web browsing industry.

BAT can be used to reward users who view ads. This area needs exploration and can create a lot of new opportunities.

This token has been consistent as compared to other tokens which collapsed.



Although bitcoin is difficult to replace these were the few cryptocurrencies to outperform Bitcoin in 2021