What is Cat. Ex?

Over the most recent few years, because of the utmost consumption of power by the advanced blockchain technology frameworks that are being utilized to mine cryptographic money, a drop phase has been seen in the cost of all digital currencies. While on the very other hand, mining costs of cryptocurrencies have amazingly expanded and the ecological effect of this power utilization has started to examine by business communities.

Because of these circumstances, the surge of “Exchanging Mining” has started to use in recently settled trades.

Exchanging Mining:

Exchanging mining is another term in the digital currency world that implies mining is being completed by the financial specialists while they are exchanging any coin registered in the trade.

How it Works:

When the financial specialists purchase or sell any coin in the market, the token of the trade is being created simultaneously and saved to the speculator’s account as an end-result of paid charges.

A 5% mining reward is given to all its investors by the exchange to make mining more alluring.

What is Cat. Ex?

Cat. Ex demonstrated itself as an “Exchanging Mining” platform. This trading engine came into existence in August 2018. Cat. Ex headquarter is situated in Shenzhen, China. Moreover, Cat. Ex is owning global communities’ setups in:

  • South Korea
  • China
  • Bangladesh
  • Russia
  • Turkey
  • Middle East
  • India, Indonesia
  • United States

Working Strategy:

The platform works on a novel hybrid scheme in the sense that it offers a conceivable opportunity to perform crypto exchanges and mine the trade tokens (CATT) simultaneously, which will be utilized to restore the exchange charges to the clients.

On Cat. Ex, these expenses are returned to the clients as CATT token with an additional reward of 5% to their account.

High-Performance Technology:

The trade professes to have SNA and microservice-based distributed engineering to aid horizontal scaling without any disappointment. The following technologies are accounted for its elite performance:

Native Coin:

The Cat. Ex Token (CATT) is the native coin of the Cat. Ex trade. CATT token holders purportedly get profits from the trade and amused by zero-expense withdrawals. At Cat. Ex, 80% of the exchange benefit will be disseminated to clients holding CATT day by day, the more CATT holding, the more profits will get.

Cat. Ex Mobile Application:

Now you can approach Cat. Ex through your smartphones. To access Cat. Ex, Android & IOS application is available.

Cat. Ex Security and Stability:

Cat. Ex holds on several dimensions to contribute exceptional security of an entire network such as:

  • Cold wallet
  • Firewalls
  • Operating Systems
  • Application Servers
  • Database Servers
  • Professional Penetration Tests

Closing Thoughts:

Without a doubt, Cat. Ex is one of the leading platforms with a novel hybrid strategy. Community management is highly focused as all significant choices are made by the network and cast a ballot.