What is Bilaxy?

Bilaxy is one of the centralized trades in the crypto business that is generally viewed as the significant “Alternative Coin Center” of the cryptocurrencies as it underpins 297 coins on its Exchange. Bilaxy trade professes to have a huge number of brokers from more than 80 nations all around the globe. The exchange came into existence in April 2018.

Bilaxy trading engine is encircled by numerous debates. Nobody can precisely tell the location of the trade. Per certain evaluations, some people claim that it is situated in Seychelles others are considering Hong Kong.

The trade is accessible in English and Chinese, so a sensible supposition will be that Bilaxy’s house nation is either China or Hong Kong. Yet, its locality is highly ambiguous.

With 150+ crypto sets, Bilaxy plans to set up a main worldwide exchanging stage that gives a wide scope of exchanging items and administrations for worldwide merchants with attention on:

  • Liquidity
  • Trustworthiness
  • Superiority Execution
  • Customer Management

 Trading Volume:

By 10 October 2018, the 24-hour trading volume of USD 4.3 million was reported that made the exchange to account among the top 100 exchanges around the globe. With time, on 9 June 2019, a drop phase was seen with the 24-hour trading volume of USD 3.0 million and the drop phase push it out of the top 100 trading list. After that by 30 March 2020, the trade took an amazing U-turn and recorded at the 3rd position on the trading list. It was reported with USD 2.6 billion 24-hour trading volume.

Versatile Crypto Trading:

Bilaxy places a solid spotlight on liquidity for new tokens for worldwide crypto dealers. At this trade, you can exchange various distinctive altcoins against the ETH. There is no fiat currency exchanging, as well as it is not offering to exchange against the BTC. Due to the accessibility of plenty of altcoins, the trade is accounted for an exceptional selling point and demonstrates the cause of its existence in today’s market. BIA is the token of this trade with a mechanism to lessen exchange expenses for holders. The clients get a 50% discount when they pay for trading expenses by utilizing BIA.

Referral Program:

Bilaxy used to have a referral program for its clients. It was facile to partake in the referral program. The main thing you needed to do was to make an account, get your connection, welcome your companions, and afterward get your reward. It was likewise the other referral programs. But yet, it has been vanished from the market without making any declaration.

Upsides and Downsides:


  • Supports the plenty of altcoins
  • It has a moderate exchanging expense of 0.1%
  • It resembles the major “Altcoin Center” for the crypto business as it upholds around 297 coins
  • Clients enjoy a 50% discount upon holding its BIA token


  • Lack of team information
  • Ambiguous location
  • Does not allow fiat exchange
  • Accessibility of limited languages, English and Chinese
  • Do not avail the guarantee of user’s fund
  • US financial specialists are not admitted to this trade

 Concern Regarding the Project:

The point of concern regarding this trade incorporates no availability of open data about the colleagues and an absence of protection in the event of a hack. It is recommended to all traders to be cautious and structure their own opinion on if Bilaxy is a real trade.