We are all at risk from Bitcoin

Just like every other thing, the digital currency bitcoin also has pros and cons. We are all at risk from Bitcoin. Websites can utilize the powers of our computers for tapping into the world cryptocurrency and bitcoin by hijacking the processors of our systems for mining coins while we are online. This technique is known as cryptojacking.

When you visit some websites then this runs instantly. You cannot say that your system is compromised on the surface. This compromising of the system puts your information at risk. There are chances that your system might wear out if the attacks are continuous. The main agenda behind compromising your system is to use the power of your processor even if you never owned any cryptocurrency or bitcoin before. They can use algorithms for finding bitcoin or any other digital currency anywhere on the planet.

You might think that if you do not own bitcoin then why can someone attack your computer to find bitcoins? it does not matter if you own any cryptocurrency or not, the main thing is the power of your processor. This power helps the hackers for mining bitcoin anywhere in the world.A huge help is needed for performing algorithms to find which bitcoins are not being traded in the market. This requires building expensive servers. They intend to get more power at a cheaper cost. This is the reason they infiltrate websites that are visited regularly by people and put scripts in them.

The computer gets infected once you visit such websites. Websites put codes in them for earning extra money because these attacks are on the rise. The Pirate Bay is a high profile website and it is exploring this idea as an alternative to the advertisement revenues.The website got slack because the trail of their software resulted in heating the systems while browsing. The systems also reached their maximum power.

Why these sites are attacked?

These techniques help in earning money easily. If someone wants to mine bitcoin then they must have a huge warehouse with a large number of computers for getting maximum success. So, this method of compromising the systems is much easier if hackers want to access cryptocurrency.

The security of scripts that are placed on websites is outdated sometimes. These scripts can be easily identified and scanned by hackers. This helps hackers in placing their tools on the site without the site owner knowing what is happening. A website that is not designed professionally provides the opportunity to hackers for injecting the scripts easily. It is much easier than hacking somebody’s bitcoin wallet.

For preventing your system from being compromised, make sure that the security software you use is up to date. This helps in blocking the code on sites from running. The browser cache should be cleared and the computer should be scanned for threats. Mostly Monero coin is mined using such scripts because it can be mined easily with a standard processor.


So, just like every other thing bitcoin and other digital currencies are also vulnerable. So we conclude that we are all at risk from Bitcoin.