Top 15 influential people in the cryptocurrency

Here we will be discussing the top 15 influential people in cryptocurrency.

Cryptocurrency is getting popularity daily. It is also being said that the digital currency may takeover the fiat currency. The reason is that cryptocurrency transactions are more secure than bank transactions. Many online stores are adopting the cryptocurrency payment method. You can buy products and services by paying through cryptocurrency. Many companies are using cryptocurrencies to pay their employees.

Unlike fiat currency, cryptocurrency is not governed by the government or banks. There is no involvement of any third party in the crypto transactions. Cryptocurrency mining (validating crypto transactions) is becoming a source of income for many people linked with cryptocurrency. They make money when they validate transactions.

If you want to link yourself with cryptocurrency, then you must know the top influential people who have created a huge impact in this domain. We will be writing down their names and their contributions to the world of cryptocurrency. The list will be in ascending order.


1) CZ Binance:

The first person who deserves to be on this list is Changpeng Zhao. He is the CEO and founder of Binance (a top crypto exchange). Some consider this exchange to be the largest crypto exchange by the trading volume.

Binance has been actively developing new products and services. Out of these services, the most important is DEX, company acquisitions. It is even supporting governments in adopting crypto.

His twitter handle is @cz_binance.


2) Jihan Wu:

He is the co-founder and CEO of Bitmain. Bitmain is the largest computer-chip company in the world which provides the facility of bitcoin mining. They have expressed their desire to build the largest plant in the world for bitcoin mining. Previously, he was a financial analyst in an equity firm.

His twitter handle is @jihanwu.


3) Jack Dorsey:

He is Twitter and Square’s CEO and co-founder. He was also a bitcoin advocate previously. He is looking forward to Bitcoin adoption in Africa. He also developed the Cash App which provides the facility of buying bitcoins to the newcomers.

His twitter handle is @jack.


4) David Marcus:

He is PayPal’s former president. Since 2017, he has sat in the board of directors of Coinbase. He has also been the vice president of messaging products at Facebook. He is now heading the Libra team of Facebook. Libra will be introducing a digital currency to the billions of active users on Facebook.

His twitter handle is @davidmarcus


5) Brian Armstrong:

At number 5 we have Brian Armstrong. He is the CEO and co-founder of CoinBase. It is one of the largest crypto exchanges in the world. Before being involved in blockchain and Coinbase, he worked as a risk management consultant in Deloitte and Touche.

His twitter handle is @brian_armstrong


6) Vitalik Buterin:

At number 6 we have Vitalik Buterin. He is the co-founder of the most popular smart contract platform Ethereum. It provides the facility of building decentralized applications to the developers. Before he developed Ethereum, he was also the co-founder of the Bitcoin Magazine.

His twitter handle is @VitalikButerin.


7) Brad Garlinghouse:

At number 7 we have Brad Garlinghouse. Brad is the chairman and CEO of Ripple Labs. Ripple has surpassed 300 partners. These partners include 115 banks worldwide. For cross border payments, Ripple has launched On-Demand Liquidity. More than 20 partners of Ripple are now using XRP for on-demand liquidity. These partners include Western Union, Moneygram, and American Express.

His twitter handle is @bgarlinghouse

8) Charlie Lee:

At number 8 we have Charlie Lee. He was an ex-Google engineer. Lee is the creator of Litecoin. He is also the managing director of the Litecoin Foundation.

For enhancing the privacy and fungibility of Litecoin, MimbleWimble integration has begun. A crowdfunding launch is announced recently for funding the development.

His twitter handle is @SatoshiLite


9) Kelly Loeffler:

At number 9 we have Kelly Loeffler. She is the ex CMO of ICE (Intercontinental Exchange). Currently, she is the CEO of Bakkt. Bakkt is a subsidiary of Intercontinental Exchange. its focus is to increase the institution and merchant access to the digital assets. It launched Bitcoin Futures in September 2019. It helped him reach an all-time monthly high of approximately $37M in the first month.

Her twitter handle is @kloeffler


10) Roger Ver:

At number 10 we have Roger Ver. He was a promoter and an early investor in Bitcoin Foundation. He was also one of the five founders of Bitcoin. He was an avid supporter for creating Bitcoin Cash

His twitter handle is @rogerkver


11) Peter Smith:

He is the CEO and co-founder of it is the company that launched the Blockchain Principal Strategies. This platform helps the investors to gain more exposure to the cryptocurrency.

His twitter handle is @OneMorePeter.


12) Adam Back:

Adam Back is a highly skilled cryptographer. He developed the anti-spam mechanism for the proof-of-work known as HashCash. He is Blockstream’s CEO. Blockstream is one of the major development teams and co-founder behind the Bitcoin Core.

His twitter handle is @adam3us


13) Joseph Lubin:

He is the founder of ConsenSys. He is also a co-founder of Ethereum. ConsenSys is a blockchain company that creates and invests in the software for the ecosystem of Ethereum Blockchain. Before Ethereum and ConsenSys, he worked at eMagine, Goldman Sachs, and Blacksmith software consulting.

His twitter handle is @ethereumJoseph


14) Brendan Blumer:

He is the CEO of it is a tech company that produces a distributed ledger software EOS.IO. it is helping continuously in developing the EOS community. He previously worked on it later merged with Pacific properties in Asia.

His twitter handle is @brendanblumer


15) Catherine Colley:

She is the CEO of Binance.US. it is a US-based crypto exchange built by Binance. Previously she developed the liquidity network at Ripple as the head of XRP liquidity.

Her twitter handle is @cryptocoley



These were the top 15 influential people in crypto.