MICROSOFT Wants to ‘READ PEOPLE’S BRAIN WAVES’ To mine Cryptocurrency

In the future, it will b possible to read people’s brain waves to mine cryptocurrency.

A method for the generation of cryptocurrency is proposed by Microsoft. In this method, the brain activity of people and other biometric data will be used to generate cryptocurrency.

A new patent whose title is “Cryptocurrency System Using Body Activity Data” has described how various sensors can be attached by a person to their body for earning cryptocurrency through the mining process.

For mining the cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin it is necessary to devote large processing powers of computers for solving complex mathematical problems.

The patent of Microsoft suggests an alternative option to mine cryptocurrencies instead of monitoring it through activities of human bodies through some sensors.

The heat emitted from a human body or a brain wave when a user is performing tasks that are provided by an internet service provider like watching an advertisement or using other services can be used for mining the cryptocurrencies.

Instead of doing some massive computational tasks required by cryptocurrency systems, the data which will be generated based on the activities of a human body can serve as proof-of-work. It helps the user to solve complex computational problems unconsciously.

A device would be hooked to the sensors on the user’s body for the detection of activity required for generating cryptocurrency.

The sensors which can be used for tracking the activities of users include heat cameras, MRI scanners, infrared sensors, and heart rate.

Apart from the heat of the body and brain waves, some other activities which can be monitored include movement or activity of an organ and the body fluid flow.

There are 28 different concepts listed on the patent which can be used for mining cryptocurrencies. These concepts include tasks such as browsing the social media platforms, engagement with some AI chatbot, or visiting a website.

It is not specified that the system will work with which cryptocurrency. However, it could use a completely new network of digital payments which will be based on the blockchain developed specifically for it.

This patent has promoted the concept that Microsoft wants to read people’s brain waves to mine cryptocurrency.