How do I send Cryptocurrency to another wallet

Cryptocurrency is much more secure to carry around because it is digitally encrypted. You must be thinking that how can I send cryptocurrency to another wallet? We will be making it very simpler for you to understand this process. So, read this article till the end.

There are chances that people will not carry cash in the future. There are multiple reasons why it is being assumed. Digital currencies are getting acceptance rapidly. Many organizations provide the facility of paying through digital currencies. The cryptocurrency transactions are secure because they are secured by cryptography techniques. But to make a transaction, it should be known that can someone transfer their money to another wallet? If the answer to this question is YES, then the next question is how it can be done.

These days, digital payments are made in just a few seconds. We do not have to wait for hours for our money to reach the destination. This transfer can occur through blockchain technology or cryptocurrency exchanges. This process was very difficult in the past. But now, we can send money through an exchange using an address or a QR code.


Process of transfer:

Cryptocurrencies depend on a peer-to-peer network. Funds can be sent from one wallet to another, independent of who owns the receiving address.

The steps you can follow to transfer funds are

  • Confirm the balance currently present in your wallet
  • Go to the exchange
  • Select your currency or wallet
  • Use the address copy or QR code to add the recipient’s details.
  • Click on send
  • Wait for the transfer confirmation

You can use block explorer to check the status of your transaction on the blockchain. How fast a transaction is confirmed, depends on the fees associated with it. The transaction will be added to the ledger of blockchain once it is confirmed. the methods mentioned above are general. They can vary from currency to currency.


Tricks and tips for sending cryptocurrency:

To ease your mind, we will be giving some extra tips that will help you in assuring your cryptocurrency transfer.


  • Send a small amount first:

Before sending bigger funds, try to transfer a small amount of cryptocurrency to the receiver’s account first. This will help you in confirming that everything is fine. ‘


  • To send between exchanges:

For sending funds from one exchange to another you will be using the withdrawal and deposit buttons next to your currency token in the exchange.


  • Follow the instructions carefully:

They may ask you to use your authentications codes or ask you to include a message. Sometimes you can only send coins.These were some instructions that could help you in transferring cryptocurrencies during transactions. Hope that it is clear now that how can you send cryptocurrency to another wallet.