How cryptocurrency can help start-ups

How cryptocurrency can help start-ups get investment capital?


Cryptocurrency helps to get investment capital. In this article, we will elaborate on how you can start up your cryptocurrency or use it for raising funds. It is one of the most famous methods for startups to get funding.

The criteria for investing in the business are strict and the pool of firms that help in investing is narrow. If a startup owner wants to survive in the market and get funds, then they must look for sources that can provide the funds. Cryptocurrency and its growth in the blockchain is a big and promising source for generating investment capitals.


Languages to build crypto:

You have to select a dominating language for programming if you want to launch your cryptocurrency. You have to choose a blockchain platform to learn about the internal architecture of the system. The dominant languages used for developing cryptocurrencies are


When we talk about versatile development languages, then C++ is one of those languages. the processing capacity of this language is very high and it can handle millions of requests at the same time. you can integrate it easily with any type of hardware. It is a reliable language


It is an easy programming language. A lot of python programmers are available for hire. It has a large number of libraries. It is a suitable candidate for developing cryptocurrency development and blockchain. Programmers who use python for developing cryptocurrencies are highly skilled.


How to get investment capital through cryptocurrency:

Based on ambition and scale, you can integrate cryptocurrency in different ways in your startups. These ways are discussed below.

1) Launching an ICO:

An initial coin offering creates and raises the proprietary cryptocurrency of a company which will be bought by people. In the developing phase of a startup, when the token of company gains value ICO investors exchange it with money. This helps them in making more than they invested initially.

Ownership stakes are not shared with investors. The freedom of startup owners remains preserved.


2) Launching new crypto products:

Companies can stay relevant among funding and investors by building a crypto product. If you want to integrate crypto in a startup for investment capital, then you should either create your blockchain platform or your cryptocurrency.


3) Joining a crypto accelerator:

If you want to interact with the trendsetters, then you should attend crypto events or try to join accelerators. If you want to join an accelerator then we recommend you join Crypto Village Accelerator (CVA). It is the first global accelerator. it protects the investor’s capital, eliminates scams, and brings the best projects to market. It is listed in top crypto exchanges such as VinDAX, EtherFlyer, Bilaxy, Graviex, and CAT.EX.

CVA smart contracts releases funds to a project only once agreed milestones have been achieved. The first version of CVA’s app will be launched in October 2020. It will have a financial growth program, an exchange-fiat program, and an acceleration program for projects. The second version will be launched in the first quarter of 2021. It will contain more features.



From this, we can conclude that Cryptocurrency helps to get investment capital.