How can you build a career in blockchain

If you are interested in the crypto or blockchain world, you might have thought that how can I build a career in blockchain.

In the past couple of months, blockchain has come up to be a next-generation solution for most of the problems faced by the tech sectors. Government leaders, ambitious entrepreneurs, and industry titans have given it influential endorsements. They cannot be considered wrong. Blockchain technology was initially developed to account for Bitcoin. But today, it is one of the most dynamic technologies in the world. The bubble of bitcoin is considered a distraction from the true significance of the blockchain tech.

Due to these reasons, more jobs related to blockchain are in demand. According to a global freelancing exchange called Upwork, the skills related to blockchain were most demanded in the first quarter of 2018. The path towards building a career in the blockchain is new and innovative. Kids do not grow up hearing about the blockchain technology.


How to build a career:

It is not an easy task to build a career in blockchain. You need proper guidelines to do this. The script followed in this technology is very different from other tech entrepreneurs. The demand for the blockchain industry is to recruit people who update themselves continuously with the advancements of industry and build their skills according to the demands.

A blockchain enthusiast can follow a list of steps we will be providing to build a career in blockchain. You do not need to attend expensive seminars or sessions for it.


1) Learn the basics:

We cannot compare blockchain technology with any other technology available. One must be aware of the central building blocks of this tech. Features like decentralization, Dapps, and smart contracts are the essence of blockchain and can be easily understood by anyone related to this tech.

You can also learn some technical skills if you want to become a blockchain developer. These skills include web development using JavaScript and Solidity which is a programming language used for the construction of smart contracts. These skills help in developing other freelance skills as well along with blockchain development.


2) Learn about cryptography:

Due to the increasing importance of cryptography, a lot of assets are moving online. Blockchain is famous because it can secure and protect these assets. Blockchain uses cryptography for making this possible. If cryptography is not applied accurately then the company may face devastating consequences.

You can get training for high-level cryptography from reputable online websites such as Udacity or Coursera.


3) Understanding the working of blockchain platforms:

All blockchains do not work in the same way. You need to understand how different platforms work. If you cannot do it, then you may not be able to design a solution. You should have a full grip on the concepts if you go out for marketing in front of potential clients.


4) Understand distributed computing theory:

We can no longer say that distributed computing is a theory. In the modern age, security and reliability are the most pressing issues which face tech proliferation. The blockchain solution for these issues is distributed computing.

Many areas in blockchain still need solutions. Excessive energy consumption and scalability issues should be studied by students so they can build solutions for it


5) Forging own path:

If you want to be involved in blockchain technology, then you have to forge your path because of the thriving nature of blockchain technology. You can adopt DIY strategies to prepare yourself for building a career in blockchain.


6) Gaining knowledge about distributed and decentralized ledgers:

Blockchain technology is a kind of distributed ledger. There are some distributed ledgers which are not blockchains. Blockchain is not perfect. Your knowledge can be used on other distributed platforms for learning about blockchain.

For dissecting the popular decentralized platforms, you must be an expert. This is a technical step. To learn this you can join some online courses.


7) Simplification:

If you are a blockchain developer then try to come up with solutions that have lesser complexities and are easy to understand. Too many features will confuse people.


You can follow all these steps if you want to build a career in blockchain.