Our ecosystem consists of a financial growth program (APP), a Launchpad, a fiat-crypto exchange, a Shop, a studio, an acceleration program, a real estate investment platform, a casino and an Esports platform and a Crypto Physical Village (City).

With the launch of our App, in version 1, in October we will launch the financial growth program, the Launchpad, the exchange fiat-crypto and our acceleration program for projects.

The financial growth program allows users to make money with our staking, affiliate marketing, watching videos and investing in our selected projects.

CVA token offers a staking gain of up to 120% per year, just having digital assets locked in a special section of the App.

Each user can be guided and can follow a strategy that allows him to increase his monthly passive income and reduce investment risks by building a differentiated portfolio.

The Launchpad will allow you to invest in various phases of a blockchain project or to buy digital assets already on the market and to build a differentiated portfolio by investing only a part of the earnings obtained.
Our crypto-fiat exchange will allow you to purchase cryptocurrency directly from the main fiat currencies within the App.

The accelerator protocol is a path that allows the best blockchain projects to bring their company to success.
The second version of the App will be completed in the first quarter of 2021 will add some features to the Launchpad, other forms of income in our financial growth program, the escrow, the marketplace, the training section and the Blockchain events section.
In addition, the escrow will be implemented for investments dedicated to projects that do not have their assets in the market.The marketplace is a function that allows you to monitor all digital assets on the market.
The training section aims to offer a training course to all users and to increase their knowledge in the field of blockchain, financial growth and the world of digital assets.
Finally an Events section will be implemented that will allow you to be updated on the best Blockchain and crypto events in the world.

SHOP is our ecommerce for CVA branded products.

ESPORTS is our multiplayer esports platform that can only be used with CVA.

REAL ESTATE INVESTMENTS allows CVA owners to use it as a payment method to purchase an income property.

STUDIO is a platform that allows projects and companies to have our website development, Blockchain development, marketing and consulting services with exchanges payable only with CVA.

CITY is our physical Crypto Villlage that we are developing. It will be a sort of smart city where investors and the best blockchain projects will meet and where CVA will be used to pay for anything within the CRYPTO VILLAGE.