Accelerator Protocol is our acceleration path for the best selected projects working in the blockchain, cryptocurrency and fintech fields.
We have created an ecosystem that offers support for the launch preparation phase, fundraising, listing, organic growth of users / holders and for the fundraising of the global expansion / scalup.
Each selected project will have access to a path that includes 5 phases:

1st Phase

Preparation for the fundraising

It includes the improvement and analysis of public documents, project model and strategy as well as compliance and licensing. The aim is to make the project flawless for a successful capital raising.

2nd Phase


It includes our launchpad, our services on partner sites and blogs, banner and video advertising in our network, these services in our crypto investor networks are the evaluation of our fund set aside to finance projects. The aim is to raise the capital needed for listing, marketing, web development and for corporate and team costs.

3rd Phase

Listing strategy

It includes consultancy and agreements for the digital asset listing strategy of the selected project. CVA is a partner of almost the top 50 exchanges and has a department that analyzes real numbers and results of each exchange. At this stage, the project will have a complete listing strategy for its assets. The aim is to make the token / coin liquid as soon as possible.

4th Phase

Organic Growth

In this phase, the project will receive advice and a practical strategy to increase its users and holders exponentially.
The strategy includes advertising banners and videos in our App, in our many blogs and in our 7 themed portals as well as in the partner sites, and includes an SEO and article marketing strategy for organic acquisition and growth of target users. The aim is to increase liquidity, users and the value of the token on the market.

5th Phase

It includes advice and practical strategy for the global expansion of the project. In this phase, we work on preparing the entire company and team for global expansion and completing the fundraising with VC and family Office partners to acquire the right capital for the scalup. The aim is the company’s scalup and global growth.


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