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You can use CVA Tokens to do Staking and EARN 120% a year by keeping them in your wallet


Crypto Village Accelerator
We are proud to announce officially our project: We are the First Global Accelerator.
We protect Investors ‘capital, eliminate scams and brings the best projects to market.
CVA Smart Contracts will release funds to projects only once agreed milestones have been achieved!
We are in private sale and we have already collected the soft cap!

CVA calculator:


CVA price:

1 CVA = 0.30030000 USD
1 CVA = 0.25410000 EUR
1 CVA = 0.00625100 LTC
1 CVA = 0.00150400 ETH
1 CVA = 59.6000000 JPY
1 CVA = 0.23300000 GBP
1 CVA = 0.27460000 CHF
1 CVA = 0.41380000 AUD
1 CVA = 0.39690000 CAD
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Launch of our Ecosystem

Strategic Partners


Carlo Buonpane

Chief Executive Officer

Carlo Buonpane is a Blockchain and Crypto expert, a serial entrepreneur, investor and consultant with business experience from around the world.
He is an expert in strategy and fundraising in ICO / IEO. He has participated as an investor and advisor in approximately 30 projects. He is also an expert in digital asset listing strategy, he gained experience in DOBI, Kucoin, Bitmart and other top 20 exchange

Waqar Yousaf

Chief Marketing Officer

Waqar Yousaf is a Digital Entrepreneur & Growth Hacker, is considered one of the Top Marketing Experts in the Startup & Blockchain area in the world.
He has over 13 years of experience and specializes in increasing target traffic and sales.

Company Team

Crypto Village Accelerator

We are pleased to have 22 other people working with us throughout our company.
Two people deal with compliance and all legal activities, Three deal with accounting management, a job as a designer, Three work in the commercial area, Seven work on communication and social media management and Six work on the development of the App and the web platforms.